Science Teachers

Mr.Theuns Rudolf Swanepoel

Head of Science Content Group

Degree : Bachelor of Arts

Major  :  Environmental Management

               University of South Africa

Degree : Master of Education 

Major   :  Effective leadership and Change                       in  Education

                  University of Nottingham                                            (United Kingdom)

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Mr. Nicholas Wayne Crook

E-mail :

Ms.Florie Grace Delfin

Degree : Bachelor of Elementary - Edu,

               Bachelor of Laws,

               Master of Arts

Major : Concentration in Social Studies,

             Bukidnon State University

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Mr. John Andrew Simons

Degree : Bachelor of Science

Major  : Natural Resources

             Oregon State University

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Mr. Noah  Amaya
Ms. Anu Sunny

Degree : Master of Science 

Major  :  Biotechnology,Chemistry

               University Of Madras

Degree : Bachelor of Science

Major  :  Biotechnology,Chemistry

                 Mahatma Gandhi University

Degree : Bachelor Of Education

Major  :  Biotechnology,Chemistry

       University Of Bangalore

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Ms. Siri  Sawangjai
Mr. Andrew Manfredi
Mr. Glenn Marcus Thomas
Mr. Pearse Joseph  Sweeney

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