Mathematics Teachers

Miss Mei Liang Wong

Head of Mathematics Content Group

Degree : Master of Business

          Administration in Finance

          Griffith University

         : Master of Engineering Science in

           Water Engineering

          The University of New South Wales

         : Bachelor of Engineering

           (International Program) in Civil


           Thammasat University

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Mr. Andrew John Watson

Degree:Master of Engineering in

          Chemical Engineering   

          The University of Leeds

         : Master of Science in

          Computational Fluid Dynamic  

          The University of Leeds

         : Bachelor of Education

           The University of Winnipeg

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Mr. Shiv Kumar

Degree : Bachelor of Technology in Electronics

                 and Communication Engineering

                  SRM university

Degree :Master of Education

              (Curriculum and Instruction)

              Assumption University of Thailand

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Mr. Keerthi Prabhakar Padmarudram

Sasidharan Thampi

Degree : Master of Arts in Education 
                   Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan 
                   Vidyapeeth University
              : Bachelor of Technology in Computer
                Science and Engineering
                   Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan
                   Vidyapeeth University

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Mr. Robert  Slyvester
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Brian c..jpg
Mr. Brian P Cambell
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