English Teachers

Mr. Paul Victor Griffiths

Head of English Content Group

Degree : Bachelor of Arts 

Major   : Communications & Image Studies

                The University of Kent at Canterbury

E-mail : paul_v_griffiths@yahoo.co.uk

Mr. Joshua Bolen

Degree:Master of Arts,

Major: History, Clark University

E-mail : bolenj@gmail.com

Mr. Steven Raine

Degree : Bachelor of Arts 

Major   :  English Studies,

                   Manchester Metropolitan University

E-mail : stevenpraine@gmail.com

Mr.Jonathan Steven Phillips

Degree Bachelor of Arts 


Major : Travel Industry Management

               Mahidol University

E-mail : jonathanstevenphillips@gmail.com

Mr. Nathan Todd Hunter

Degree:Master of Science

Major:  Education, The State University

of New York

E-mail : nathanhunterm1m2english@yahoo.com

Mr. Jonas Godson

Degree Bachelor of Business


Major : Entrepreneurial Leadership

              Kwantlen University College

E-mail : jonasinthailand@yahoo.com

Mr. Ian  Daly
Mr. Marcus Peter Woodhouse