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  Assumption College students acquire moral virtues and become quality global citizens.


    Since it was first established in 1885, Assumption College has dedicated itself to providing its students with a quality education that encompasses knowledge, ability and good practice while simultaneously developing them in physical, emotional and social realms.

    By offering students a variety of programs to serve their personal interests and skills, the school is committed to helping every student to become a quality human resource for the benefit of Thailand and the increasingly important global community.

    The school first began to offer the English Program (EP) in 2002 in order to provide students with an education that balances the Thai curriculum, Thai language and culture with the opportunity to develop a strong knowledge of the English language, and western culture by learning with qualified teachers from abroad.

During the twelve years that they learn in the English Program, students are well prepared to achieve both English proficiency, and a full understanding of the content learned by students who learn in regular Thai schools.

    Our experience has enabled us to develop into a program that the school is proud of, and that parents can trust to provide their child with a quality education.

Father Emile August Colombet

Founder of Assumption College


  1.To provide high educational standards that are aligned with the standards of Basic Education and the St. Gabriel’s Foundation of Thailand.

  2.To promote and develop educational activities based on Basic Education to ensure quality education which fosters every student to be well-equipped with knowledge, moral virtues, and abilities as prescribed in the Basic Education standards, and accordingly develop to have the quality attributes of global citizenship.

  3. To support and develop efficient and effective school management systems and standards in order to make Assumption College a world-class institution.

  4. To promote students to be environmentally aware and preserve natural resources.


  1. Assumption College students will be fully developed in all aspects: physical and mental development, intellect, knowledge, moral virtues and social culture, and be able to live in harmony with others.

  2. Assumption College students will display organizational and social responsibility toward the preservation of natural resources and protection of the environment.

  3. Assumption College teachers will provide student-centered lessons to educate students efficiently and effectively.

  4. The school management will be well-prepared to be a part of the ASEAN Community, be a world-class-standard school, and be both a wisdom and knowledge organization.

   5. The school will implement efficient and effective management systems.

  6. The school will implement effective and efficient internal quality assurance systems based on the Ministry’s regulations on the Guidelines and Procedures for Education Quality Assurance B.E. 2553.

  7. The school has the aim of becoming the nation’s leading learning organization.

Labor  Omnia  Vincit

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