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Academic Profile


       The English Program (EP) offers a specialized learning process according to the Ministry of Education of Thailand and is taught by English Native Speakers except Thai, Arts and Social Studies, Religion and Culture classes. Students are embedded in an international environment yet maintain their native culture.

Students’ Development Activities

        Students’ development activities are set in the Basic Curriculum along with 8 learning content groups in order for students to be able to develop themselves to their utmost potential. Students attend the activities of interest and learn social interaction with others. The goals of these activities are to foster in students appropriate values, social values, skills to live a happy life, emotional development, system of thinking, responsibility for themselves, family, society and the nation. The school provides a variety of students’ development activities for selection as listed below:

• Pastoral Activity

• Activity Club

• Territorial Defense / Scout

• Reading

• Self-study

• Cheering
• Guidance

• Activity for Social and Public Interest

Academic & Curriculum

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