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Grading System

    Assumption College has set the measurement and assessment policy by categorizing assessment into 4 groups as follows:

1. Learning achievement of every content group

2. Reading, Thinking, Analyzing and Writing

3. Desirable characteristics

4. Students’ development activities


  Grades are issued for each subject and the grade sets are divided into 8 levels as follows:

Grade Judgment

  The grades are evaluated by subjects. Students must have study time throughout the semester not less than 80% of the total study time of that subject.

1.Students must obtain at least grade 1 in the subjects which have credits.

2.Adjusting grade “0” and remedial coursework

3.Study extra remedial course to develop the failed area (indicators) and take re-test. Students have 2 chances to take the re-test and the re-test grade cannot be higher than “1”.

4.In the event that the students have already taken the 1st and 2nd re-tests and still get “0”, or that they do not show up for re-test as appointed, they have to repeat the class in that subject

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