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University Admissions Result

    In 2002, during Bro. Surasit Sukchai’s term of governance, the English Program (EP) was founded at the Assumption College Primary and Secondary Schools in order to meet a growing need in Thai society for students to understand and speak English naturally, and to better prepare them for international studies. In its first year, EP educated 100 Prathom Suksa 1 students and 100 Mathayom Suksa 1 students. One grade level was added annually to both the primary and secondary school campuses until 2007, when EP had grown to its maximum size, educating students from Prathom Suksa 1 to Mathayom Suksa 6. Between 2007 and 2017 the English Program educated approximately 2,100 students.


    Since the first day we opened our program, 16 years have passed for the English Program at Assumption College. We have had a lot of quality students study with us, as you can see from the students’ university results, and each and every year we have been very proud of all of them!

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