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EPAC Takes EP-M1 Students on a Quality of Life Promotion and Field Trip!

      On Thursday, the 1st of September 2016, the English Program of Assumption College (EPAC) conducted a Quality of Life Promotion and Field Trip for our EP-M1students for the 2016 academic year at Klongpittayalongkorn School, Banhkhuntian, Bangkok.

      During this trip, our students made tie-dye cloths from the bark of Tabun, and this activity integrated different skills, such as using knowledge of geometry to make the design. After making the tie-dye cloths, students made salted eggs, which were different from the general salted eggs we usually see. This type of salted egg is made from the remains of shrimp or other water creatures from mangrove canal, and the salt water itself is also from the canal. The students also made a Thai dessert called Khanom Jaak. (The dessert is prepared inside the leaves of a Nipa palm, and then roasted over a charcoal fire). At the end of the day, students planted mangrove in the area around the school, which is on a restoration project, intended to be a learning center for students and the general public.

      This field trip achieved its visions, which were: volunteering, charity and nature conservation.



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