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   On 13 February 2014, English Program brought our EP4 students to join "BCC Annual Academic Day 2013" followed invitaion from English Immersion Program : Bangkok Christian College. The day included an opening ceremony, a stage performance from the English Immersion Program, a competition involving the participating schools, a scientific experiment and physics showcase and closing ceremony.


   The competition included :

           - Academic quiz (Upper mathayom level math, Science and English)

           - "Built'n Roll" contest (a physics competition building a slope to lunch a disc)

           - Robot maneuvering competition (remote controlling robots to complete a given task)



   English Program : Assumption College sent 3 students to join this competition as below namelist.

           1. Kanatat   Damrongchaitham     EP4-2

           2. Tanawat  Hudchaleelaha           EP4-2

           3. Krit          Kanjanaplang            EP4-2


   The result of overall competition is English Program : Assumption College got the 1st class award included prize money and certificates.


Guidian Teacher : Master Sutin Rodprasert(EP Discipline Teacher)


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