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EP-M1 Mothers and Staff Join Together for a Special Bakery Workshop for Our Students!

   On the morning of Tuesday, the 23rd of December 2014, in the EP Science Lab on the 2nd floor of the Colombet Building, a very special event was held for the enjoyment of our EP-M1 students; the English Program and a few of the EP-M1 mothers conducted a “Bakery Workshop”. During this activity, students learned to bake Yam Roll Cake and also prepare juice. This activity was prepared and led by a few of our EP-M1 mothers, with the support of our EP-M1 Homeroom teachers, Miss Grace the Lab Assistant, and Miss Ornisa Mitprasit, the Head of the English Program.

   The purpose of this activity was so that students could enjoy a special event before the holidays, and also so that they could learn to do activities in teams. The students not only learned the value of teamwork, but got to use their imaginations and creativity as well!

   At the beginning of the workshop, we appreciated Brother Dechachai Sripicharn’s (the Principal of Assumption College) willingness to deliver the opening speech during the opening ceremony. The English Program of Assumption College would like to express deep appreciation to these EP-M1 mothers for taking the initiative to hold this workshop, and we hope to have similar events again in the future!

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