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EP Holds an Orientation for Our New M1 and M4 Students!

   On Monday the 23rd, and Friday the 27th of March 2015, the English Program conducted an orientation for EP-M1 and EP-M4 at the EP Conference Room on the 1stfloor of the Colombet Building.


   During this event, Miss Ornisa Mitprasit (Head of the English Program) warmly welcomed all students and introduced the school and the English Program. After that, Master Jaruk Changjaroen (Level Head of the English Program) talked about proper behavior and discipline in school.

The English Program would like to wish all students academic and personal success! The orientation was organized by the English Program because EP-M1 and EP-M4 students are all new to our program this year.


   We hope that all of the EP-M1 and EP-M4 students who participated in this event gained an awareness of the educational and disciplinary values that we honor.

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