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AEP-M1 and EP-M4 Students Have

“Far Out” Field Trip to the Planetarium!

    The English Program of Assumption College held a Summer School field trip for EP-M1 and EP-M4 on Tuesday the 5th of April 2016, and Friday the 22nd of April 2016 respectively, at the Science Center for Education (Sukhumvit, Bangkok). There were 9 teachers taking care of our students during this activity.


   Students learned about outer space objects, natural phenomenon that is related to astronomy, and the time-related changes of the solar system. Students took a great interest in these presentations and exhibits, and it was well worth their time.


   As they went through the planetarium, students gained more knowledge related to astronomy, and there were a lot of projects and experiments such as building a water-powered rocket and performing cell observation by using a microscope. By way of follow-up, students had to submit a report to their Science teacher about this trip, the score of which should be added to their Summer School grade.


   Who knows? Maybe this trip will encourage one of our students to become an astronaut in the future!


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