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EP students received 2 awards at the speech contest!



   Friday, the 10th of April 2015, Assumption School  held the  Songkran Festival Fair and as part of this fair the school conducted the “AC Smart Boy 2015 Contest” in the Basketball court, 1st floor – Saint Louis Marie Memorial Building.


   This contest was a  speech competition. Competitors could speak about anything they were interested  as well as giving information to the audience.



                           EP students received 2 awards at this contest :


                            ** 1st Place - Bhumisiwat Dittabhakdi               EP-M1/1      Student ID: 49977


                            ** Honorary Mention – Nunthanut Dechkrut   EP-M1/4      Student ID: 54562



Advantages for students social and academic development


   The main benefit of this Speech contest was to increase student participation that would lead to an increase in critical thing and originality.  Students would also learn how to transfer these skill into their’ real lives'.


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