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   The English Program of Assumption College is very proud of our students who have won in each of their competitions. Two teams have won in the debate competition at  Assumption University and The Panyarat School. Another team has won in the AC Academic Day competition at  Assumption College.  Let them talk about their successful.

General Knowledge Quiz Team : Winner at Assumption College

 * A short introduction of yourself

Phoomin - My name is Phoorin Chamarat EP-M1/1. I study in EP from when I was in P.1. I love this school, the school has many activities. I like to play sport and study Math except when it is boring Math. I like to say I will get a good score better than others. I play games that are useful and give me some experience.

Punyaphat : My name is Punyaphat Sukcharoenchaikul EP-M2/2. I am 13 years old this year. I have studied in the English Program, Assumption School, since P.1. I love this school; this school gives me knowledge, friends and many things that help my life. I have had many useful experiences.

Pon : My name is Pon Lertyonchep. I am 13 years old. I was born on 23 March 2002. My father comes from England. My mother stays in Thailand. I have studied in the EP program for 8 years. I have no brothers or sisters. I have 1 cousin he also studies at the Assumption College in grade 5. I am in the class of EP-M2/1.

 * How was the team formed?

   Mr.David chose us to to participate in the competition 2 minutes before the competition. We have not prepared for this competition.

 * What is the focus point in this competition ?

   Pun – English Math Science and Asean

   Pon – English and Science

   Purin – Math and Science

 * What was the most challenging part of this competition?

   We have not prepared for the competition. There are a lot of competitors. There are many hard questions.

 * What was advantage which this competition gave you?

   We got experience and knowledge that we have not known before. We can learn from questions that we get wrong.

 * What did you gain from winning?

   We want to say thank you to Mr.David Ryder who invited us to join this competition. We have gained a lot of experience. We feel happy because we can answer most of the questions.

 * What were your overall impressions during this Competition?

   Knowledge and Prizes

 * What were your points of concern going into the event?

   The group behind us always looked at our answesr and tried to copy. We do not know much about superhero movie questions and we do not have much time to think about questions.

 * What would you like to say to your friends?

   We want tell friends to help us to make the school’s honor in each way because each student has a different skill (Sport, Entertainment or Music). We want to say to our friend “Get confidence because we can bring the school’s honor to our school and concentration in class is the best way to reach your future goals”

 * What was advantage which the English Program gave you?

   We have studied about listening, speaking, reading and writing in English. We have gained a lot of experience by talking to foreign teachers. All of the staff are quality persons. The staff are recruited by quality Personnel Officers under the English Program. We got a lot of help from EP Thai staff and foreign about supporting and teaching that made us improve ourselves faster than other school’s students

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