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   The English Program of Assumption College is very proud of our students who have won in each of their competitions. Two teams have won in the debate competition at  Assumption University and The Panyarat School. Another team has won in the AC Academic Day competition at  Assumption College.  Let them talk about their successful.

The Lower School Debate Team : 1st Runner-up  at Panyarat School

 * A short introduction of yourself

Nopparuj : My name is Nopparuj Buddhimanoth (Arm). I am 13 years old currently studying in EP-M2 at Assumption College. I am the most good looking student in this school. I am in the AC’s debate club. It gives those that debate confidence in our speeches in public and gives us more views on situations. It also gives us new friends from other schools.

Thanadol : My name is Thanadol Kulkosa. I study at Assumption College. I have been in the debate team for a year now. I am 14 years old. I am in grade 8. I love the debate club a lot. It makes my spare time useful. It is fun too. I have learned a lot now. Debating has made me a lot more confident. I also know a lot of people from this activity too.

Leong : My name is Leong. I am 14 years old, I currently studying at Assumption College. I like debating and I have gone to 7 tournaments. My most recent achievement is 2nd best speaker standing, and the 2nd best team score. I am uncertain what I will do in the future but it does not matter. I have been debating for almost a year and I love hanging out with my friends. Debating helps me make friends, helps me with English, and the best part is 1 get to argue with other people and get praised for it.

 * How was the team formed?

   We are AC1. We are a decent team consisting of 3 members: Leong, Arm and Tai. We have been debating together for a year. Debating is really fun. It is basically hanging out and arguing with people. We won 2nd place in our latest tournament in Punyarat high school. We have learned a lot from debating. Debating had made us a lot more confident and we also made a lot of friends, We make different mistakes. Losing is fun, winning is a bonus.

 * What is the focus point in this competition ?

   We focused on learning from our mistakes to make our speech better each time. We also tried to get to know more people who attended in the tournament..

 * What was the most challenging part of this competition?

   We encounter problems quite a lot. However, this is another good thing about debating. We learn to solve them. We are quite anxious at times trying to figure out our case and when we debate against a really good team but we learn from our mistakes and improve..

 * What was advantage which this competition gave you?

   We learned a lot. We think about things we never thought about before. See them in detail. For example, we debated about whether motivation is more important than intelligence, etc. We also know a lot of people from different schools too..

 * What did you gain from winning?

   In the Panyarat debate, we won 2nd place we are quite happy about it but we are sure we can do even better next time.

 * What were your overall impressions during this Competition?

   We were very impressed by our seniors’ support. They came to help us even though they had exams and work to do.

 * What were your points of concern going into the event?

   We were quite worried about a round that we did not do our best but we were happy with the results

 * What is your inspiration for debating?

   We really wanted to improve our skills and we believe that by attending in tournaments and learning from our mistakes would help

 * What would you like to say to your friends?

   You guys are missing out on a lot of things. You can learn a lot from debating. Debating is a very useful skill in life and actually is essential. Debating can make you a lot more confident too.


   Debating is very useful and fun. We are not too strict and it is a good chance to hang out with friends while learning something. You can talk to any of us at any time if you want to join. We highly recommend you to join us and we need you

 * What was advantage which the English Program gave you?

   Although we do not have as much people as other programs we know quite a lot of people in EP because of that. Most importantly we can improve our English tremendously. The teachers are very nice and helpful. It is more expensive than other activities but it is worth the money.

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