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   The English Program of Assumption College is very proud of our students who have won in each of their competitions. Two teams have won in the debate competition at  Assumption University and The Panyarat School. Another team has won in the AC Academic Day competition at  Assumption College.  Let them talk about their successful.

The Upper School Debate Team -Winner at Assumption University

 * A short introduction of yourself

Kantaphon : My name is Kantaphon Vareekasem.  

My friends call me “Genius”, because my knowledge is as good as my handsome face. I am very grateful for the support that I have received from my teachers. I would like to thank Mr. Steven Raine and Mr. Joshua Bolen for their great help with structure and critical skills, and Mr. Derrick for his help in gathering information about global warming and invasive species, which helped us win this tournament.  I would also like to thank Mr.  Vynu and Miss Thitapa for helping to organize these trips. Lastly, I would thank the school for the tremendous support they have provided.  I am looking forward to our next tournament.

Supakorn : My name is Supakorn Sriwasumetharatsami.

I have been a member of the debate team for about 2 weeks now. I am a very confident guy with the ability to smile easily. I would like to say that I am euphoric about the fact that my teammates and I won the debate held by Green Peace. I want to first thank the school for supporting me and the Debate club. Secondly, I would like to thank all the teachers for their good advice. Finally, my teammates: I want to thank them for everything; for trusting in me, for all of the good advice and supportive messages. I hope the school will continue supporting the Debate Club this way for the future.

Kanatat : My name is Kanatat Damrongchaitham, and I am currently studying in EP-M6. I just recently joined the Debate Club, and I am now really proud of my decision. I consider myself proficient and fluent in English, so I think that I have what it takes to meet this challenge. Well, the reason that I am writing this message is that I was a member of the team which won a debate tournament at ABAC, coming in 1st place. I am proud of myself and my teammates for this glorious victory.

 * How was the team formed?

   Our team consists of 3 completely different types of people – the calm, the hot-headed and the logical ones. This combination of personalities may seem odd, but believe me the combination is so PERFECT. The team was formed a couple of weeks ago, and we believe that fate brought us together.  At first there were just 2 people, but later a third one joined. We are so glad that we met and joined forces.  We believe that good fundamentals create good results.  In the near future, we hope the school will further support us to continue our development.

 * How the team prepare?

   To tell you the truth, we did not practice that much (laughing). Literally, we practiced for the debate ourselves, without a coach. We helped each other, pointed out each other’s flaws, and developed ourselves into champions. We went to ABAC, and to use a famous phrase “we came, we saw and we conquered”.

 * What was the most challenging part of this competition?

   The most challenging part of the tournament was that for this team it was actually our first time to debate. We were facing world-class debaters and we were therefore a little bit nervous. In addition, we were sometimes nervous because we had to debate against foreigners and university seniors. Fortunately, we pulled out our swords and cut those teams literally to pieces. That’s why it was a unanimous win for our team in the final round.

 * What was advantage which this competition gave you?

 * What did you gain from winning?

   Even though we did not get any money from winning this tournament, we believe the most important thing we got was experience, which we can use to develop ourselves in order to be outstanding debaters in the future.

 * What were your overall impressions during this Competition?

   We were impressed by the junior students’ performance; they did way better than we expected. Moreover, we were also impressed by our team’s excellent performance. We never expected this degree of improvement in such a short period of time.

 * What were your points of concern going into the event?

   We were worried about the motion preparation, because there is only 30 minutes allotted for prepping. Moreover, we were worried about the motion itself, because the theme was environmental and we were afraid that it would be too hard for us.

 * How did you manage to find time for training?

   We managed to practice after school; we only practiced two times. However, we had devotion and quality practices, which led us to an incredible WIN. We also appreciated the support from friends, family and seniors which helped us to be effective.

 * What would you like to say to your juniors teammates?

   Many things. Do your best. Don’t ever back down. What does not kill you makes you stronger. Think and act outside the box. Be creative, any experience that you gain from the outside is valuable and one day that experience could be a weapon to help you in your future challenges. Be wild about your ideas and always try to improve yourself

 * What do you plan for your future?

   Kantaphon: I would like to study abroad in a well-known university Economics program. I think I would like to continue debating to improve myself. My biggest dream is to organize and build a new school for the community.

   Supakorn: I will be graduating from this school soon. I am going to apply for law school. The reason for this is because I want justice to prevail throughout the world. Ultimately, I hope that I will be successful in everything I do in the future.

   Kanatat: When I finish M6 at the Assumption School, I am going to study in the field of international law at Thammasat University. I am going to be a law consultant in the future, and I hope to be rich and successful.

   We gained a lot of valuable experience from battling with other great debaters. This life-experience will help us to improve ourselves even more with further help from the school. In the near future, I hope we can be the best debaters in the world, with total domination.

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