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Honoring One of Our

Most Brilliant Students 

Mr. Peemmanut Vareekasem!

   Congratulations to Mr. Peemmanut Vareekasem (AC 129, Student ID: 45300) who received perfect scores in 3 subjects (SAT Test) during the 2014 academic year, and has therefore been recorded in the Thailand record books for this accomplishment! The maximum score on any one section of the exam is an 800. Therefore, Peemmanut’s scores were:


                                                               Mathematics (Level 2)   – 800

                                                               Chemistry                      – 800

                                                               Physics                           – 800


   The SAT is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in many countries, and is very challenging! Peemmanut also stated that he did not use any outside study center to prepare for these exams; he got his knowledge from our school and from his own individual review. We are very proud to report on this accomplishment, and we hope to celebrate more of his accomplishments in the future at the university level and beyond!


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