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EPAC and Srinakharinwirot University: A Partnership toward Academic Excellence!

   OFrom the 25th of July to the 3rd of February 2016, the English Program of Assumption College cooperated with Dr. Rojjana Klechaya (Curriculum and Instruction - Srinakharinwirot University) and her colleagues, to plan and discuss curriculum development and give feedback on the teaching quality of EP teachers for each subject - to guide, develop and maintain the internal quality of EP.


   Dr. Rojjana Klechaya has been the main academic advisor for EP for Academic Year 2015. She is outstanding in the fields of Science and Teaching, with much experience in teaching and management coming from the USA and a position on the board of the International Education Organization.


   Dr. Rojjana conveyed many positive impressions which she had of our teaching staff, while also giving each member some pointers about how their lessons might be tweaked to make them even better. This partnership toward academic excellence will continue into the 2016 academic year, as Dr. Rojjana and her team continue to train and give feedback to our teachers.All of us have been delighted to work with Dr. Rojjana due to her keen observations and professionalism, and we believe that we will be better equipped due to her support.

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