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Assumption College with City College Plymounth


   Bro. Dr. Dechachai Sripicharn, Director of the Assumption College has signed the education agreement between Assumption College and City College, Plymouth, England.


   Ms. .Jessica Randall, Head of International Development from City College Plymouth, was the cosigner of the agreement.  Among other guests to the signing were Mr..Davis Low, Director of the PDVL Overseas Advisory and staff including the Assumption College Board of Directors and teachers all as witnesses.


   The purpose of this agreement is to prepare students for academic admission to the Bachelor Degree course in international universities. Students will learn about the different societies and cultures that they will no doubt encounter, if they attend an international university. Students will also have to be aware of the bilingual requirements of living overseas.


   The structure of the curriculum at the City College Plymouth, includes two programs, “Foundation Pathways,” for the international student preparing for a Bachelor’s Degree in England


   These degrees include, a business curriculum: Business administration, Accountancy and Finance, Law, Computers and advanced Study Skills


   There is also a Science curriculum: Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Computer, English and Study Skills.


   Study periods require 19 weeks to complete the curriculum.


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