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A Busy and Productive 1st Week for Our New EP-M1 Students!

   The English Program is honored and excited to welcome our new EP-M1 students to the Summer School of Assumption College! 

During the first week, we had a lot of activities; those we conducted especially for our EP-M1 students.


   1. “Day One” Orientation at the 9thfloor Auditorium in the Assumption 2003 Building: The introductory event for all M1 and EP-M1 students school-wide.

   2. EP Orientation: with a focus on educational and behavioral standards, held at the EP Conference Room on the 1st floor of the Colombet Building. The speech was delivered by Miss Ornisa Mitprasit (Head of the English Program) and Master Jaruk Changjaroen (Level Head - Head of the EP Discipline Office)

 3. English Proficiency Test – The English Program administered an English test to classify the English language ability level of our students. 

4. Assumption College Culture Period – Students were taught about leadership and public speaking.

 5. Cheering Period – cheering is a big part of the culture of Assumption College, so every student was required to attend this meeting. 

6. Special English Class – After the “English Proficiency Test” students who got scores lower than the EP standard were provided with a special support class to help them catch up.

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