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EPAC Lower School Students Participate in a Successful Field Trip to Nakornnayok!


 The English Program of Assumption College (EP) organized and led an EP-M1 and EP-M.2 Quality of Life Promotion and Field Trip on the 3rd of September 2015, in Nakornayok province at the Golden Hill Resort and Wat-Wang-Yay-Chim. There were 153 students in attendance, and there were 8 teachers from our program escorting the students during this event. 


 During this event there were a lot of activities. The activities were divided into 5 categories:

1. Human relations

2. Unity

3. Discipline

4. Meditation

5. Cooperation


 While there, representatives from our program donated school supplies, socks, dolls, lunch baskets and fruit to the Tah-Yang-Chum School. The director of the school welcomed our teachers and students, and then our students presented our gifts.


 For this visit, The Talento (3rd Runner-Up from “Asia’s Got Talent”) put on a show for the students, and Mr. Nathan Hunter and Mr. Bennet Hackett also conducted an English Class for the grades 5 and 6 students.


 Through this activity, students acquired a lot of experience and knowledge in areas such as unity, meditation and the development of discipline. By helping our students develop (and maintain) a good mindset, this experience will help them have good physical, emotional, and intellectual health and also help them further develop the capacity for sharing (demonstrating charity toward others).


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