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A Record Number of EPAC Students Took the Cambridge KET Exam This Year!

   On Monday the 15th of February and Wednesday the 17th of February 2016, Assumption College hosted the Key English Test (KET), which is an international standard test and evaluation for any country which uses English as a business language, or any country which uses English as a second language (hence, ESOL = English for Speakers of Other Languages). This was the 6th consecutive year that our school has hosted the Cambridge exams, and this follows nicely from the Cambridge Young Learners’ Exams which the English Program students in Primary take each year. The KET is the next step up in terms of English proficiency, and will be followed next year by the even more challenging Preliminary English Test (PET).


   There were a total of 100 EP students who enrolled in and took this exam - 80 students from EP-M2, and 20 students from EP-M1. In addition, there were 169 students from the Mini English Program – mostly from M3 in the Thai Program - participating in this activity.


   For the KET examination, all students took a Speaking test, Reading and Writing test, and Listening test. The Speaking tests were done face to face with Cambridge-trained examiners at our school. The Reading and Writing, and Listening tests will be checked by the Cambridge ESOL (England) organization, which can be accessed via the following website:


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