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Excellence!Academic Year 2014 IELTS Test Results Summary for EP Students



    The English Program of Assumption College would like to congratulate our EP-M6 students who got high scores on the IELTS Test (8.0 out of 9.0). We are very proud of these students, and we are eagerly anticipating more scores of the same caliber next November when the bulk of our rising EP-M6 students will take the exam.


1. Mr. Nattawat Vora-Urai                         EP-M6/1               ID: 45422             IELTS Score: 8.0

2. Mr. Ravee Bunduwongse                       EP-M6/1               ID: 50304              IELTS Score: 8.0

3. Mr. Peemmanut Vareekasem                EP-M6/2               ID: 45300             IELTS Score: 8.0

4. Mr. Gunthorn Supatadarat                   EP-M6/2               ID: 45363              IELTS Score: 8.0


    For the 2014 academic year, 64 out of 66 EP-M6 students took the IELTS test. The results showed that 59 out of 66 students (89 %) got scores of 5.0 or higher!We would also like to express appreciation to Mr. Steven Raine for his leadership in the preparation of our students for this exam.

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