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EPAC Students Win the 4th Annual High School English Skills Competition!


    On Monday, the 4th of August 2014, the English Program of Assumption College sent Mr. Intouch Jullakittiphan of EP-M6/1 (student ID 45253) and Mr. Thanaphon Worngveerawathanakul of EP-M6/2 (student ID 45226), to participate in the 4th High School English Skills Competition that was organized by the English Content Group of St. Gabriel’s College. This competition had a total of 26 schools participating. Assumption College’s students won a major trophy and got a scholarship of 5,000 baht and certificates as well.


    The competition was divided into three sessions for the collection of scores: 1. The Qualification round, (Pictorial Dictation, Spelling, Audio-visual English and General Knowledge Quiz), 2. The Semi-final round (Word-clue Game), and 3. The Final round, (Impromptu Speech “Q & A”). There were 26 teams in the Qualification Round, 10 teams in the Semi-finals and 5 teams in the Final round. After these rounds, Assumption students were the leaders in three competitions, so we won the overall competition. The teacher who took care of our students in this event was                    Miss Onwaranun Thodsanit.


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