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EP Celebrates the EP-M.6 Graduation – at our 11th Annual Talent Show

and Farewell Party!

On Wednesday the 14th of February 2018, the English Program of Assumption College hosted the 'EP Talent Show and EP-M6 Farewell Party 2017' at the Holiday Inn, Silom, Bangkok. Brother Dr. Dechachai Sripicharn, the Director of Assumption College, opened the event and was also the guest of honor, with the Heads of each of the school’s departments in attendance, as well as around 300 guests (teachers, students, and parents). This event is held each year to honor our graduating EP-M.6 students, and also to honor our school’s sense of unity, which was also celebrated at our Homecoming event.


    The hardworking organizers of this event were our EP-M.4-5 students as well as the teachers who escorted the students to this event. We would like to thank all of the members of the EP Talent Show and EP-M6 Farewell Party committee for their generosity and diligent work in helping to make this event possible, and we look forward to making next year’s event equally memorable!

EP Talent Show'2017_๑๘๐๒๒๑_0005
EP Talent Show'2017_๑๘๐๒๒๑_0006
EP Talent Show'2017_๑๘๐๒๒๑_0007
EP Talent Show'2017_๑๘๐๒๒๑_0008
EP Talent Show'2017_๑๘๐๒๒๑_0001
EP Talent Show'2017_๑๘๐๒๒๑_0002
EP Talent Show'2017_๑๘๐๒๒๑_0004
EP Talent Show'2017_๑๘๐๒๒๑_0003
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