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03/02/2014 - 07/02/2014 at Martin de Tours Library

   The Science Department held its Annual Science Fair last February 3-7, 2014. The event involved EP-M 4-5 students and was organized by their science teachers, Mr. Stephen Dobosh (EP-M 4 Physics teacher) and Mr. Mitchell Bergstresser (EP-M 5-6 Biology teacher).  Mr. Dobosh and Mr. Bergstresser created guidelines for the students to follow when creating and designing a scientific experiment to demonstrate at the fair; students were given the freedom to choose an experiment from any scientific discipline, so long as their methods were sound and accurate and their experiment was original and interesting. They researched various theories and ideas, chose a topic that suited their interests and skill-sets, and then submitted proposals to the Science-Fair teachers and organizers.  The groups then worked diligently to gather supplies, perform their tests and experiments, and prepare unique and eye-catching displays to impress the judges who would evaluate them during the Science Fair event.


   The experiments were assessed by at least three individual judges and winners were chosen based on experimental design, originality and effort, the quality of their display, and the group’s ability to answer interview questions and show their understanding of the experiment’s theory and content.  Medals were awarded based on their performance in these categories, and the group’s summative score from the judges that assessed them.  Special mention was also given to groups who exhibited exceptional effort, teamwork, creativity or originality in their designs.


   The Science Fair Team would like to thank Mr. Colin Mercer, Mr. Michael Nguyen, Ms. Florie Grace in and Mr. Daniel Clark for assistance with judging and helping with the difficult decision of selecting winners from a pool of high-quality experiments.  We would like to thank Ms. Florie Grace for helping the students gather supplies, and for organizing the set-up in the library.  We would like to thank the EP cleaning staff and the EP-M 4 and EP-M 5 students for the set-up and take-down of the projects and the display area and Mr. Vynu for helping us with the venue, taking pictures and many more.  We would also like to thank anyone who came by to take a look at the projects and displays and show support for the EP Science Fair, and of course a final thank-you to the students, whose effort, despite many obstacles this year, made the science fair a great success for all!

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