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EPAC Hosts a Successful Overnight Field Trip for EP-M1 and EP-M2!

   On the 21st and 22nd of January 2016, the English Program of Assumption College hosted an event called “Cross-Curricular Field Trip Activities 2016” for our EP-M1 and EP-M2 students. The activities were integrated from all content groups. In addition, on the first day our students participated in activities at the “The Golden Jubilee Museum of Agriculture Office (Public Organization)” with the theme: “Happy Lives within a Sufficient Economy”. The purposes of these activities were to help our students learn about the philosophy of a Sufficient Economy, and students could then apply this topic to their routine lives. The museum held a lot of activities conforming to the indicators of the Ministry of Education in various subjects such as Social Studies, Science and Occupational Works.


   During the evening segment of the program, we had a Cross-Curricular, Integrated Activity at the Pine Resort (Prathumtani Province), the focal point of which was making flowerpots by using water bottles and yarn. This activity was led by our foreign teachers, the purpose of which was to inspire the students to do a related activity in teams, corresponding to every kind of knowledge (English, Mathematics, Science and Occupational Works).


   On the second day, our students participated in adventure activities; those which used the students’ strength and problem solving skills. After that, Master Niwach took our students to Wat-Taiy-Koh (Prathumtani Province) to practice meditation, making merit by giving offerings and listening to a sermon by the monk, which is a way to guide our students in the way of Buddhism. When all activities were finished, the students arrived back at school through the care of the EPAC teachers who were on duty for this camp.

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