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EP-M6 Students Field Trip for Learning ‘Sufficiency Economy’


            On Tuesday, 6th January 2015, the English Program will organise the field trip for EP-M6 students (Science-Math) at ‘The Golden Jubilee Museum of Agriculture’, in Pathumthani province. This field trip is related to the concept and policy of a ‘Sufficiency Economy’ where ideas can be adapted to real life situations and follow the examples from the Royal Initiative Project.


            This field trip is a part of the subject -SC 30245-(Biology 5). Where, Mr. Derrick Thompson is in charge. The purpose of this field trip is to allow students to explain the root causes of environmental problems and help develop ways to solve these environmental problems.


            In this field trip there will be a lot of activities such as an introductory presentation from a lecturer including a game for develop students’ unity, watching a 3D movie named “ Sub-Din Sin-Nahm”, and learning more about  how to apply a  ‘Sufficiency Economy’ in a city.  The highlight of this field trip will be the planting of straw mushroom. 

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