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EPAC Participates in the “Academic Days” Event at Assumption Primary

      On Monday the 5th and Tuesday the 6th of September 2016, the English Program of Assumption College attended the “Academic Days” event at the Assumption Primary School, Bangkok.

      “Academic Days” was an opportunity for students to test their mathematical, scientific and English skills by completing a number of Physical Education games and worksheets. With the help of our EP-M4-5 students, teachers – including Mr. Michael Nguyen, Mr. Peter Wooden, and Mr. Steve Dobosh - and administration staff, the Primary School students and parents were able to exercise and have a deeper understanding of ‘burning calories’, and the relationship between  healthy eating, exercise and having a balanced lifestyle.

     We value the health and well-being of our students at the English Program of Assumption College very highly. With this in mind, on this occasion, we felt that by combining the different academic departments, we would be able to test the students’ knowledge through sports, and therefore make the testing enjoyable. It is safe to say that all involved had a great deal of fun!

     Thanks to the Assumption Primary School for allowing us to participate in their Academic Days event, and we look forward to visiting the Primary School again for more fun- filled and educational activities.



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