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Assumption College Hosts a Special Event for Students: “The 7 Habits for Teens”

   From the 7th – 8th of March 2016, Assumption College held a seminar on the topic of “The 7 Habits for Teens”. There were 42 students from the basic education curriculum participating, including BELL, EP and the Gifted and Talented program, and the purpose of the seminar was for student development, encouraging them to gain knowledge and understanding about life through a new method of making personal progress. This seminar was created to help in regard to building new life skills, such as: preparing students to accept more responsibility, stimulating them to find their own goal or reason for studying and working, and learning necessary time management skills.

This activity was a 2 day life skills training program with child-centered and “emotional intelligence” focal points, supported by doing integrated activities with booklets, games and audio-visual aids.


  The overall activity was to intended develop youth to be effective leaders by building the foundation, and instilling habits (hence, the title “The 7 Habits for Teens”), to be successful individuals in the future. The plan works to instill responsibility in the students, helping them to develop more self-confidence by finding quality within themselves, and by visualizing a goal for themselves in terms of career and human relations.


  The staff leaders for this event were from the PacRim Future Leaders Company Ltd, who received the copyright for this program, and were the lecturers in the EP-M6/1 and EP-M6/2 classrooms (Colombet Building, Assumption College). The main coordinator for this activity was Ms. Rossakorn Jittasevee (Curriculum and Academic Administration for the English Program of Assumption College).


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