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EP-M.4 Physical fitness testing for military cadets

  On May 23, 2024, EP-M.4 students who applied to become military cadets underwent physical fitness testing and received guidance from military officials in preparation of their training.

RD M.4-24
RD M.4-23
RD M.4-22
RD M.4-21
RD M.4-20
RD M.4-19
RD M.4-018
RD M.4-17
RD M.4-14
RD M.4-15
RD M.4-13
RD M.4-12
RD M.4-11
RD M.4-10
RD M.4-09
RD M.4-08
RD M.4-07
RD M.4-06
RD M.4-05
RD M.4-01
RD M.4-04
RD M.4-03
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